In this time of political unrest where the USA has quickly fallen from her former luster and the current administration seems hell bent on making enemies of allies, ushering in an authoritative regime, rolling back progress that has been gained, stripping citizens of our basic rights and behaving in such inhumane ways that the United Nations is condemning their actions, there is a glimmer of hope. It’s The Resistance. It’s those who have heard the call to rise up the challenge and who are pushing back, standing against and fighting what is happening.

In my Twitter timeline, not a day passes where I don’t see a person who is expressing how totally and completely exhausted they are by the current state of political affairs and that is not an accident. It appears to me that the administration is doing that intentionally and methodically. It is an onslaught, similar to the military tactic of shock and awe, where the length, amount and duration of an attack is so extensive that it exhausts and wears down the target. This administration is perpetuating a “shock and awe” on the people — every day, there is a new outrage. Before much traction can be gained on one issue, another arises and it pulls the national attention in another direction. Every day people are hit with an onslaught of lies, deceptions, and things that can and do put out national wellbeing at risk. Every day, people stand against the resistance and try to figure out which leak in the boat to put out. With the national boat springing thousands of leaks, it’s hard to know where to start.

It’s designed to make us so burdened that we become paralyzed because we don’t know where to start. It’s designed to wear us down until our resistance is no longer effective and to render us exhausted so that the puppeteer can easily pull the strings. It is designed to make us feel like we are drinking from a firehose so that we eventually just give up.

It is now that we must use wisdom and strategy in how we go forward. We must learn to fight in ways that are effective, and in ways that will keep us strong, together and empowered. Right now, there are many on the front lines and those are the folks who are taking the bulk of the shots. Now, it is time to get into formation and to battle this regime strategically.

The Roman Army is often considered one of the best and most successful battle machines to have ever existed. They were notoriously hard to defeat and are still studied today for their tactics. Some of the lessons we can take from the Roman Army can be applicable to today’s political battleground.

The Roman Army was well disciplined and well–trained. They studied, and prepared for battle, which including marching for up to 18 miles a day. If they were to be defeated, it wasn’t going to be because they were unprepared for battle. They trained with their weapons and learned how to fight as one cohesive unit. They were logistical, tactical, well-organized and had a solid strategy for how they fought. One aspect of the Roman Army that has always been fascinating to me is how they rotated the front line. Although there is no clear and definitive answer on HOW the front lines rotated, they knew that no one could be on the front lines of battle for a sustained period of time without becoming exhausted and thus, less effective. The Roman Army would regularly rotate the front line soldiers to the back so that they could rest and recover while someone else took the lead (and direct hits).

Organize. Remain disciplined. Focus on the objective. Know when the front lines have had enough and need a rest, and be willing to step in and take the lead for a while. While we certainly have a lot of leading voices who are leading the charge, those of us in the back lines must always be prepared to step to the front of the line when needed.

This may not be a battle that ends quickly and so we must be prepared. We can no longer be led by our emotions (including rage) but must learn to be strategic and disciplined. Together, we can do more and do better to defeat this ongoing attack on our values, and democracy.

It’s time to get into formation.

Ph.D. in Psychology. Love and Liberation.

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