Dr. Lisa Xochitl Vallejos
2 min readMar 21, 2020


What Coronavirus can teach us about life

If you’re feeling extra horny, or romantic, or loving, don’t be surprised or ashamed.

We are facing something most of us have never seen. Everything is uncertain. Nothing is stable. People we love will be sick or worse.

Now is the time — when we are belly to belly with death —
that we are also closest to the things that make us most alive. In the face of death, we want to fuck, love, procreate, and to shout into the void. It’s our souls way of fighting back, to refuse to give into despair, to keep the heart beating FOR something

We will WANT to turn toward those who bring us the most zeal. DO IT. Don’t wait. If there’s nothing else we are learning now, we are learning that life is too short and uncertain to do anything but live to our fullest.

‘Rona is reminding us to stop settling.

Shit is going to change for a lot of people over the course of this quarantine. Some of you may realize that without the things that made your marriages tolerable — sports, jobs, commutes, kids schedules — that the two of you no longer vibe. It’s ok.

Some of you are gonna realize that the shitty job you accepted because it was familiar isn’t bringing you joy, and the paycheck isn’t enough to keep you there. You may find yourself without a job because these employers aint loyal. You may rediscover a passion. Run with it.

Some of you are gonna realize that you don’t want to live where you live, or how you live, and all of that is ok. It’s normal to question everything when everything is in question.

The bigger question is whether you will choose to stay awake when the threat diminishes.

Life is going to be giving a lot of people a second chance. What will you do with it?

No more settling. No more mediocrity. No more sacrificing your happiness for the sake of others.

It’s your life.